About – Wurfel

Who Are We?

When we look at a kitchen, we don’t see it as just another part of your home. We see it a space that brings people together. We see it as a space where family values are nurtured, bonds are strengthened and memories are created. We believe it breathes and adds value to each and every person who resides in her presence. We believe the kitchen is the heart of your home.

Which is why, at Würfel, kitchens are a serious business.

We consider it our responsibility to provide our customers with a product that enhances their living experience. One that adds value to their life. Every single day.
And to achieve this, we’ve spent years researching and perfecting a product that offers you everything that you may require in your kitchen and more.

Quality, Service, Durability, Value; these are the four pillar stones that define all our creations and business practices.

We believe in stringent quality measures, so we are governed by unmatched production parameters & supported by top of the line German technology. We believe in design, so our products are perfected to reflect unmatched quality & speak of excellent craftsmanship – visually and functionally. We also strongly believe in values, so we offer products that are well within the reach of every individual.

We are Würfel Küche. And we’re here to be a part of your home.

The Team

We have a team of highly experienced, multicultural professionals from across India & Europe who come together to create a culturally diverse work environment that thrives on knowledge sharing and a common vision of making Würfel a part of every home. The highly energetic and quality savvy team at Würfel, strongly believes in delivering top of the line European Kitchens and has revolutionised the market by achieving unmatched parameters – 0.5mm tolerance, 30 days delivery, 10 years warranty and more.