Reasons Why Pullout Kitchen Cabinets are a Blessing

Installing the modular kitchen setup in your house? The greatest advantage offered by the modular kitchens is that these offer ample storage to accommodate all the necessary ingredients of your kitchen. Moreover, the modern kitchen décor looks highly stylish and decorative. One of the most important feature of the modern kitchens is the pullout drawers that tend to simplify various activities in the kitchen.

When you have installed the pullout drawers in your kitchen space, there is no need to search for certain items through the dark, deep cabinets when you can get all that you want with a simple pull of the drawer beneath. The possibilities of designing the pullout drawers in your kitchen go beyond the traditional forms of pantry-style pullout drawers. There are options of designing special pullouts for containing specific items to enhance the functionality in your modular kitchen.

Here are some of the top reasons why the pullout drawers in your kitchen prove highly beneficial:


  • Ample Storage of Utensils: When you store utensils in cabinets or as a heap in some basket, there are higher chances of wasting a lot of time in searching for the particular piece of cookware. However, when you would store the utensils into separate sections of the pullout drawers, you can access them with much ease. You can also go for customizing the pullout drawers in your modern kitchen.

The pullout drawers can be divided into various sections as per the design of different utensils in your home. For instance, you can go for designing a wider and deeper section of the pullout drawers for storing plates and cookware like pressure cooker, and so more. By storing the utensils where they belong, it would accelerate your search process as you would where you have stored the same.


  • Microwave Drawer: A particular section of the pullout drawers can also be converted into an accessible microwave drawer. This saves the need of storing your microwave separately into one corner of your kitchen countertop. In addition to offering the ease of access, this customized design of the pullout drawers can also offer a rich and classy look to your kitchen.


  • Separate Knife Rack: Tired of storing the sharp knives upon kitchen shelves as they keep falling every now and then? You can go for the installation of a separate knife rack in one section of the pullout drawer to store the sharp-end knifes there safely. It also makes the knives stay out of reach of the children and thus ensures their safety. Moreover, your kitchen shelf or countertop area would appear more spacious without anything on top of them.


  • Vertical Storage: The pullout drawers can also be customized to serve as effective vertical storage. There is no denying the fact that vertical storage in any corner of your house tends to simplify the storage concern with much ease. The clever installation of the pullout drawers as a vertical storage beneath the modular kitchen countertop opens door for multiple storage. From storing your plates vertically to keeping several kitchen ingredients intact, all of these can be achieved with much ease with the help of the pullout drawers in your modern kitchen.


  • Spice Rack: This could be the most functional application of the pullout drawers in your lifestyle kitchen. It could be quite clumsy to store the spices kept in jars and cases of various sizes over the countertop or shelves above. These spice jars need quick access while cooking. The pullout drawers just beneath your cooking area can be the best location in your entire kitchen. A great space for storing the spices of all sorts for the experimental cooks or chefs-in-making to keep trying different blends of spices with easy access to them.
  • Appliance Pullout: In addition to keeping your microwave, you can also store other kitchen appliances in the pullout drawers of your modular kitchen. For instance, the kitchen appliances like toasters, coffee machines, mixers, and so more can be stored with much ease in such customized pullout drawers to offer easy accessibility and great storage utilization. You can simply slide the appliances when needed with a snap through these pullout drawers and hide them perfectly when they are not needed.


If you are thinking of going for the lifestyle kitchen setup in your house, then Wurfel has some of the best designs for modular kitchens in Bangalore. Visit their high-end kitchen showroom in Bangalore and select the best range of kitchen accessories and customized sections like pullout drawers. Grab the best design for your kitchen that suits your needs and preferences. The pullout drawers are becoming the trend of every modular kitchen currently. Install the same in your kitchen to accentuate the overall look as well as functionality of the available space.

Know About the Different Types of Modular Kitchen Cabinets

Are you planning to install the modular kitchen setup in your home? A typical modular kitchen offers the users with a fully-functional design and a set of pre-designed cabinets. These cabinets are designed and set up to be easily assembled as well as disassembled whenever required. In addition to offering excellent storage space in the limited kitchen area, the presence of a modern kitchen also makes the kitchen area appear highly appealing. The modular kitchens are all about drawers and cabinets. When all the cabinets and drawers are combined together, these form up the modern kitchen setup. This design makes your kitchen all the more worthwhile and functional.

Here are some of the different types of modular kitchen cabinets that can be installed in your home. Have a read:


  • The Base Cabinets: The cabinet area that you observe below the granite or countertop in any modular kitchen is the base cabinet area. These cabinets are meant for offering great storage space for storing almost anything from big kitchen utensils to small cutlery items. In addition to the storage functionality, the base cabinets also offer great support the slab region of the kitchen. The base cabinets can store anything related to the kitchen area from stainless steel heavy utensils to lighter crockery items.

These can also appear as typical stainless steel baskets or even as various shelves & drawers at the base of the kitchen. With the presence of base cabinets in your modern kitchen, you would never run out of storage space to keep things that you would need immediately while cooking. Moreover, these are highly accessible as well.


  • The Overhead Cabinets: The main function of the overhead cabinets in any lifestyle kitchen setup is to offer the ease of accessibility to a myriad of kitchen essentials like spices, pulses, and so more while you are cooking. The overhead cabinets are placed on the kitchen wall directly above the countertop or granite slab. The placement of overhead cabinets or the wall cabinets is optional.

If you have the desired budget, then you can go for placing them. Otherwise, the base cabinets would do your purpose well. While installing the same, you can choose the desired design that would greatly depend on the overall look of your kitchen as well as on the amount of storage space required by you. In comparison to the base cabinets, the overhead cabinets tend to have lesser depths. You can also design the overhead cabinets up to the ceiling to create even more storage space if you like.


  • The Tall Cabinets: Such cabinets are usually observed in the modular kitchen setup that comes with a larger overall area. The tall kitchen cabinets can be used for storing a plethora of kitchen items like pickle jars, cookie boxes, jam bars, groceries, ready to eat food items, and so more. Therefore, if you have a spacious kitchen area in your home, then you can consider installing the tall cabinets in your modern kitchen for maximizing storage space. You can use these cabinets for storing extra and bulky items that you would use less often.

While planning out your modular kitchen in Bangalore, you can consider these types of cabinets for the kitchen area. Make the wisest choice!