FAQs – Wurfel


The scope of this document is to give a detailed understanding about General FAQ related to Würfel. This would give a better understanding about the Würfel way of working. This would also be integrated with website.

Why Würfel?

Gone are the days when the kitchen was seen as a neglected part of one’s home. Today they spell modern designs, top of the line finishes, hi tech appliances and are a miniature world in themselves which demands finesse, elegance and functionality.

More interestingly Indian market has two kinds of Kitchen providers – Imported Brands & Local Manufacturing Brands, both catering to completely different segment of audience. The Imported brands are highly quality conscious but come with an extremely high tag whereas the local manufacturers are focused only on the price factor. With the growing awareness and accessibility to information, the Indian market is getting more educated about the product specifications and is hence demanding good quality products.

Thus with a need to revolutionize this segment and to ensure the delivery of European Kitchens at Indian price, Würfel presents the perfection of European kitchens by importing all the raw materials and fittings from Europe and then process them with top of the line German machineries in Bangalore. All teams are headed by experienced professionals from Europe to ensure the perfection of product delivery.

What are the Würfel USPs?

Quality, Design, Value & Durability. Of course this is supported by a very strong service system.

Why Modular Kitchens and not a carpenter kitchen?

Modular kitchen is the fastest growing concept in India. India is very used to Carpenter Kitchens, but they have the following problems.

– Product finish cannot be compared at all to a European finished Modular kitchen. – Restrictions. A carpenter kitchen cannot be shifted & in case of any problem to any part of the kitchen, the whole panel needs to be changed not just that part. – There is no warranty. – The most important part of the board is the edge band. And a hand edge band surely peels off in no time. – Glue used is not up-to the mark. – Difficult for after service. – Old School Designs. – You don’t get to know how your kitchen will look till the time it’s completely designed – All work is at site, where as in a modular kitchen all work happens at factory and only 2 days installation(which is dust free) happens at site – Installation finish can never be achieved because of manual judgment, manual operations and use of local and non-branded tools

What is the precision level of Würfel products?

Würfel Küche uses only top of the line German machineries, same as the one used by the top Kitchen brand in Europe. The tolerance level of Würfel product is 0.5mm, which is same as the top brands of the world. All machines are calibrated at 0.2mm tolerance over 3m length.

What is Würfel Warranty Policy?

Würfel has a warranty policy of 6+4 years for all retail sales. A detailed warranty document would be provided along with the kitchen delivery. This warranty is applicable for all wood/board parts. All fittings have life time warranty and the third party warranty document for specific fittings & Accessories would be the guideline.

However in case of projects through developers, the warranty is less, not because there is a change in product quality but because the price is very competitive because of bulk purchase. However the warranty can be extended individually by paying the additional amount before the installation.

What is Würfel Payment Terms?

50% Advance to start production

50% Before delivery

Why should we pay full amount before delivery? What if the installation is not done properly?

Würfel products come with a 6+4 years warranty. The base of this relation is trust. If we don’t trust on the installation then how can you trust for 10 years? So you can trust our authorized partners and we will ensure that the installation is done to the best of your satisfaction.

How to Report a Problem?

Please call our toll free number 1800 3000 2926 and register a complaint. The same would be notified to our Authorized Partner from where the product was bought. Someone from the team would come to examine the problem within 24 working hours. If it’s a minor problem, the same would be resolved on the spot. However if it needs production team consultancy or support then the problem would be discussed with the technical team and get back to you within 24 working hours with an update.

Does Würfel deal with Marine Ply?

Yes, catering to the Indian market, Würfel also has the option of 36 hrs. Boiling water proof ply imported from Indonesia. This is the only raw material imported from a non-European country as manufacturing of Ply is banned in Europe due to environmental reasons.

What are the other boards used by Würfel?

Würfel extensively uses High-density Water resistant Particle boards and MDF boards. The vendors are from different countries in Europe and are the top of the list vendors, supplying to the top Kitchen brands in the world. All the color selections are based on the current world trend and liking of Indian market.

Does Marine Ply work better than Particle boards?

In case of most of the particle board makers in India/China, the density of Particle boards is very low compared to Marine ply as the particles used for making the boards are a mix of wood, plastic waste, Bagasse (sugarcane waste) and resins.

This is not true in case of particle boards manufactured by the top European companies as they are of High density that is similar to that of Marine ply and is made completely out of wood particles from cut wood pieces and resins. Hence our warranty policy for High Density particle boards and Marine ply holds same. Since plywood production is banned in Europe due to environmental clearance, Europe has always used particle boards and their research to improve the quality of particle board is always persistent.

Is Würfel ISO Certified?

Würfel is ISO:9001 and ISO:1401 certified.

How to buy a Würfel Kitchen?

Würfel always interacts through authorized Partners. Our Website, Store Locator page verifies the authorized Partners. You can send a design request through our website (home page) or directly go to any of the authorized stores. The Design team from the stores would make design based on your layout. The first round of design takes around 7 days and is not chargeable. The same would be personally presented to you at the store. If you like the product and the first round of design and want more changes in the design, the same can be done by paying advance amount which would be adjusted in the final bill and allows you to do more iterations of designs till you design your dream kitchen. Finalization of design would involve finalization of layout, cabinets, finish, color, handles, appliances and countertop. After finalization, you pay 50% advance, following which the design team takes the final measurements and updates the design and sends it for core design and production approval. This process takes 7-10 days. Once the design is approved by the core production team, the same needs to be signed by you and that is considered as the order date. Delivery date is 30-45 days plus transportation from the day of the order. Remaining 50% payment before delivery.

Advance Payments

Any advance payment paid is willingly paid to take the design further towards completion. The amount paid is not a design fee and would be adjusted in the final billing. However any form of advance is non refundable and can be completely adjusted against any product purchase.

Why should one pay 100% payment before delivery?

The global kitchen payment standard is 50% advance before production and 50% advance before delivery. Every kitchen comes with a 6+4 years of warranty. We have a relationship with our clients for at least 10 years and we abide by it. So if we have to live by 10 years there is no way we would deliver a wrong product. The delivery would be for the ordered product as captured in the final agreement and the job would be completed to your satisfaction.

How long does it take to get a Würfel Product?

From the date of order finalization, the dispatch dates based on finishes is as below.

– Plain Laminate, Synchronized Laminate, Gloss Polylacq & Matt Polylacq : 30 days – Glass, Veneer, Stone : 45 days – High Gloss Lacquer, Matt Lacquer & Solid Wood: 60 days – Special Cabinet Kitchens: 90 Days

All number of days are considered from the date of Payment and signing of order agreement whichever is later. Also the number of days is for dispatch from the factory and the delivery date is depending on the transportation time.

How long does it take to install a Würfel Product?

The installation process involves the installation of Cabinets, Counter Tops & Appliances. The Cabinets are normally installed in 2 working days. This is followed by counter top measurement and then production which takes around 4-5 days, condition to availability of the material with the associate vendor. Appliance installation takes 1 day. The whole installation process can be expected to be over in 8-10 days.

Who takes care of the Counter Top and Appliances?

All our Partners execute the complete Kitchen job including cabinets, counter tops and appliances. Counter tops and Appliances are selected during the kitchen finalization phase and the same are integrated in the designs. Würfel partners with a number of channel partners for appliances and counter tops. The same would be coordinated by the Würfel team and executed by our channel partners.

Service for any of the channel partners can be exercised by directly calling the toll free number of the channel partners which would be provided during the delivery of the kitchens.

What is the product list of Würfel?

The Würfel Product list includes:

– Kitchens – Wardrobes – Walk-in Wardrobes

What are the range of finishes available in Würfel?

Würfel has one of the widest possible range in the industry. The following are the finishes:

– Plain Laminate – Synchronized Laminate – Matt Polylacq – Gloss Polylacq – Matt Lacquer – Gloss Lacquer – Veneer – Clear and Tinted Glass with Aluminum profile – Lacquered Gloss and Matt Glass on laminate shutter – Stone Finish – Classic/Victorian finish – Solid Wood

How are the grain patterns on the shutters in case of laminate and veneer?

Würfel always work on vertical grain patterns. Horizontal grain patterns are a special case. However, Würfel does not do grain matching of shutters with each other in any of the cases.