How to deal with blind corner cabinets

Blind corner cabinets are cabinets nestled in the corner of the kitchen, wherever there is a formation of L Shape cabinets. Often referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of kitchens owing to the difficulty with which you need to find objects stored in them, it’s an area that needs to be handled with tact and careful planning. The depth of the cabinets on either side of the corner makes access to the end become difficult and that’s where you need an innovative solution. Enter, Wurfel. Here are four ways you can tackle the corner issue.

1. Shelf Cabinets

We start with the simplest and most cost-effective way – the shelf cabinet. Here, the depth of the cabinet is 1250 or 1100 mm and the shutter opens at 600 or 450mm respectively – giving you single-door access.

2. Leman’s corner

The second option is, the ‘Leman’s corner’ – this consists of 2 swing out trays, giving you access to more of the objects stacked inside. These are again available in widths of 1250 and 1100 mm.

3. The Magic Corner

The third, most space-friendly option is known as the ‘’Magic corner’’. Called ‘magic’ because opening the door brings the entire contents of the cupboard all at once, this arrangement consists of a set of split trays that easily slide out from the cabinet – ensuring maximum accessibility for the corner unit. This is available in width sizes of 1200 and 1100 mm.

All the above solutions are designed for base cabinets. In addition to these, Wurfel also offers other ways to deal with the corner:

45-degree corner cabinet – The 45-degree corner cabinet chamfers the corner to a 45-degree angle, making space for a shutter and ensuring easy access to all parts of the corner.

Corner Towers  These tall units provide ample storage for the corner – available in 1500, 1940, 2160 mm by height.

For the techies and people looking for automated solutions, we recommend the dead corner kitchen storage lift. Using this method, the entire corner automatically moves up simply at the push of a button.

Where there’s a corner, there’s a challenge. A challenge that we at Wurfel are happy to embrace through the only way we know how – innovation.

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