How to reinvent your wardrobe.

Gone are the days of the traditional almirah and cupboards. Welcome to the age of modular wardrobes. A modern counterpart designed to provide you with not just extra storage, but allow you to have a space that is uniquely yours. Something we at Würfel, are happy to bring alive.  Here are some ideas on customizing your wardrobe to the next level.

Plan before you pick

Before deciding on your wardrobe, sort out your clothes and accessories. This makes it easier to judge how much space you need – based on the number of dresses, shirts, trousers, jackets, shoes, and so on. This will give you a clear idea of how you want your wardrobe organized and help in deciding what type of wardrobe will suit your best – a hinged wardrobe, sliding or a walk-in or what all accessories need to be considered.

De-clutter with drawers

Drawers are a perfect way to store smaller accessories like ties, belts, scarves, t-shirts & folded shirts. You also get special hanging accessories for your belts and ties. It keeps all your items organized and makes it easily accessible, instead of being hidden away or on hangers with the rest of your clothes. By using dividers in drawers, or an accessory like the velvet organizer, you can further customize it, so as to avoid a jumble-up between items like ties, cufflinks, and belts. Drawers can also come with closed sides and open sides. Open sides allow you to have a visibility from the side as well making it easier to pick

Make space for hanging space

For the fashionistas with a wide collection of tops, jumpers, denim, jackets, and so on, we recommend having two hanging wardrobe rails. For minimalist hipsters, a single rail will work equally well. Else, there’s always the option of a pull-down hanger – a rod that brings the entire hanger down and out of the wardrobe- making it easier to access and sort.

Add extra shelving

Add space at the end of your wardrobe or under a hanging rail, using open shelves. Wardrobes with shelves provide an ideal storage solution for jumpers, handbags, and other style accessories. What’s more, the shelves don’t all have to be the same size. Your deeper shelves can be above waist height, and the shallower shelves at the bottom can be used to store your shoes. These can also be tilted, giving you a boutique look to your wardrobe. This mix of shelves helps in better visibility and brings a structure to your wardrobe. Additionally, accessories like shoe racks that come as vertical or horizontal further help to de-clutter footwear storage.  Such is the beauty of having custom wardrobes.

Storage basket

Doing laundry can be a chore, but having the right laundry basket should help. Consider pull-out baskets – these provide ample storage and are an ideal solution to managing the household laundry. Another option you can look at, are baskets with wheels. These make those trips to the washing machine, a tad faster.

Slide for style

Sliding doors offer a great solution for smaller-sized bedrooms – improving your decor of the entire home. You could also consider having mirrored doors which will make the room feel much bigger and reflect more light. However sliding system locking systems are not the best of security.

Trouser Racks

Trouser rack is one of the best utility for a wardrobe to do neat storage of trousers, jeans, etc. It allows you to pull the whole stack out of the wardrobe and sort like a page. So gone are the days when the bottom stacked trousers lies there for ever.

Shoe Racks

There are different forms of show racks pullout accessories availbale for better arrangement and sorting of your shoes.

Mix and match your closet to your style with Würfel’s extensive range of modular wardrobes.


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